Welcome to is the Official Website for the Greater Dayton USBC Bowling Association and Dayton Area Bowlers!

50 Walnut Street
Dayton, OH 45402
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Telephone 937.222.2695

More than likely, you’ve found your way here because of a very simple reason. You bowl in and/or around the city of Dayton. As a result, you ARE a Dayton Bowler.

We are a community within a community. And with that being the case, we deserve our own community space. And now, with this new design, feel free to comment on ANY article you find on the site.

As bowlers, we are typically a busy group of people. Leading varying lives but similar schedules– we work during the day, and for the most part, look forward to bowling at night.

League memberships seem to be increasing. We have just witnessed the merging of bowling’s holy trinity. Youth programs are on the rise, ranging from the little bantams and pee-wees on Saturday mornings to the ever increasing ranks of high school varsity bowling programs, which has made Bowling the FASTEST growing high school sport in the USA! And who knows what changing greatness is in store for the pros on the PBA tour.

We are Dayton Bowlers, and we play our part in keeping our game alive and well in our part or the world. We are members of the bowling community. We span the entire globe.

Stay tuned.

The team members of invite you to join hands with us as we step up on the approach.

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